Ours is a preventive-oriented General Practice. We strive to prevent dental disease before it damages the teeth and gums. We do thorough oral examinations, usually with full mouth x-rays and periodontal probing of the gums. We place dental sealants over decay-prone teeth and use fluoride. Regular cleanings (prophylaxis) are highly encouraged of our patients to control gum disease (periodontitis).

That said, we also see emergency patients. We will take an x-ray, do an exam and test the bothersome tooth for vitality. Usually the choice of treatment is endodontic therapy (root canal) followed by a post and a ceramic crown. If treatment proves to be too costly, or the patient chooses to extract the tooth for whatever reason, we do most extractions on site and usually the same day. Because finances are often a major issue with residents of Morgan County, we understand that the treatment plan must be adjusted accordingly in order to keep our patient’s pain and infection free.

We do all restorative fillings in Composite Resin, a hybrid zirconium/plastic material that is tooth colored (white filling). We no longer restore teeth with silver dental amalgam, which contains mercury. We have not used dental silver amalgam for over 25 years. I am not overly concerned with the slight toxicity of the mercury content of dental amalgam; it has hundreds of scientific papers testifying to its safety. However, many of my patients were very concerned. Since the longevity of modern tooth colored Composite Resin restorations has been satisfactory, we completely switched to doing them exclusively. They are durable and much more appealing cosmetically.

Most of our crowns are made of Zirconium, processed off-site by state of the art Cad-Cam Dental Lab machines. These are very durable, not abrasive to opposing teeth, and truly cosmetic. We have nearly stopped making conventional Porcelain fused to gold crowns because of this new process. We also can do Porcelain Veneers, and tooth bleaching , improving your smile if desired.Zr-abutment_NActive_1l_red

Dental Implants are another treatment option.  They serve as a Titanium “replacement roots” for crowns and bridges.  Cracked roots and failing root canal teeth can  be extracted, and the sometimes the implant placed the same day.

We make conventional metal and E-FLX Partial-Dentures and Full-Dentures. These are multiple appointment procedures, that are more expensive, but we believe fit better than the “one day service” that is available locally.

We do “Mini-implants” for dentures with retention problems. These are a simple and less expensive alternative to conventional dental implants. We do not charge extra to make adjustments to prosthetics that we make; that is included with our fees.

We do most of our own dental extractions and root canals. We have LASER surgery as a mode of treatment.

We refer complicated cases to competent and Board Certified Specialists; if necessary. Orthodontic services are provided on site by Brad Twaddle, DDS, MS of Columbia/Jefferson City. He uses our facility once a month.

Patients seeking comprehensive treatment are always given a range of treatment options; depending on finances, need and the patient’s desired final outcome.